Documenting APIs in ASP .NET Core

Thanks to Swagger and the ecosystem surrounding Swagger it's straight forward to develop great documentation for your ASP .NET Core Web APIs. There is a .NET/ »

Slack in 10 Minutes or Less

Slack is the new hotness in team IM (instant messaging) tools. It is a great business communication tool that can greatly improve communication within your organization. »


Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) is in the Open Web Application Security Project(OWASP) top 10 2013 edition. OWASP is a non profit organization that produces a »

Bash for Everyone

I have been using the bash shell increasingly on my macbook pro to get stuff done. I haven't used the power of the bash shell extensively »

Is C# Missing Traits?

Does C# need "traits"? It's always interesting to look at other programming languages for features that aren't available in your main programming language. First, what the »

Intro to Group Theory

I took several courses on Abstract Algebra as an undergrad and graduate student in college. One core aspect of Abstract Algebra that we studied was Group »